How To Get The Best From Your Sign Maker

In the real world, most companies hire a sign maker, provide instructions of what they want, discuss the budget or negotiate on the estimate and mutually agree to a delivery date and location. A sign maker may also do the installation of the signs and that’s that.

Ideally, the entire process of dealing with a sign maker should be much more extensive, objective and indulgent. A sign maker is going to make what would represent your company. In another sense, a sign maker is going to be the most instrumental factor how your company is presented to your audience. If a sign maker goes wrong or doesn’t do a good job then it is your business that wouldn’t gain the leverage or even the utility that you had expected of extracting from investing in signs.

Dealing with a sign maker should be a mutually engaging and contributive exercise. Here is a 5-step formula of dealing with sign makers in West Midlands that shall help you to get the best signs made.

The 5-Step Formula To Get The Best From Sign Makers In West Midlands


Many companies do indulge in objective consultation with sign makers in West Midlands, but not all. It is imperative that you consult with your signage manufacturer and that too extensively. The consultation shouldn’t just be about the dimensions, colors, fonts and budgets or purpose but also about aesthetics, design, unique or creative ideas and it should be a mutually contributive process. A company shouldn’t expect a sign maker to instantly come up with a brilliant idea and a sign maker shouldn’t rely entirely or even partially on the company for ideas. Almost always, the best signs are born when there is contribution from both parties.


It is necessary that sign makers in West Midlands explore your business. They must get a feel of your office or store, the products or services that you offer, any theme that you may have in the manner you go about your business. That way, a sign maker would be able to develop a design or sign that will be a naturally enhanced extension of your business.

Trial & Error

Sign makers in West Midlands might impress you with the very first design or you may have to reject ten odd prototypes. Trial and error is an integral process and neither the company nor the sign maker should avert any part of this process.

Field Testing

Field testing a sign is not always possible and not possible for every company but if possible then it is a very fruitful exercise. Often, a sign on a computer screen or on paper looks partly or entirely different than how it would look at the site.

Final Call

Only after the four steps are executed impeccably should a company take a final call on a sign. The finest sign maker should have no qualms about this five step formula.

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