Vehicle Livery Midlands

Vehicle Livery: Are you making the most of this lucrative form of exposure?

Your vehicle livery is constant exposure for your business, even when parked.

If your vehicle is unmarked and without livery, how will anyone know that vehicle is representing your company?

Whether your company’s vehicles are parked or on the road, like your external signage, your vehicle livery is a form of constant advertising for your Midlands business.

If your vehicle livery matches your signage and features your logo, it gives a much more professional and corporate impression.

Bowden and Dolphin provide many options for vehicle livery. We can cater to whatever your needs, from simple van marking with only essential details, to bolder designs with attractive, eye-catching graphics.

Our design team can come up with a design which is suited to your specifications, manufacture and then apply it for you.

Take advantage of this 24 hour form of exposure and advertising for your business; call Bowden and Dolphin on 0121 773 6000 to talk to a member of our competent Midlands team.

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